Latex Lanka (Pvt) Ltd was established in January 2008 as a specialised waterproof paint manufacture based on a concept introduced by late Mr. Chandana Gamage with his experience over 30 years in General Hardware and Construction Industry. Since then, Latex Lanka has striven to set standards in the art of manufacturing paints to introduce a true Sri Lankan product to market. After many attempts, we proudly introduced an innovative and environmental friendly product under the brand name of ‘WAPP’ to make a revolution in the waterproofing paint market. The three key features of Waterproofing, Weather Shield and availability in over 23 colours and transparent layer make the WAPP water proofing paint as a successful product.

Today, WAPP brand is well accepted among many leading Architects, Construction Institutions, Engineers and more importantly the households in our nation. Our success is driven by the constant flow of happy customers and word of mouth recommendations. This motivates our team to offer WAPP with many developments; from product to customer experience and satisfaction.

With the success of our WAPP waterproofing paint, we have taken steps to promote our product around the country in a structured manner. Every Step of Production is closely monitored and carried out adhering to ISO 9001:2008 standardization methods where all production manoeuvres use cutting edge technology and each batch is carefully reviewed and tested continuously to ensure that the final product meets the High quality WAPP product requirement.

We at WAPP believe in not just satisfying our customers by merely meeting their requirements but by providing a product which exceeds the customers’ expectations in both quality and service.